The greatest threat to our economy…

“The chair is the greatest threat to our economy”… based on the cost of illness associated with too much sitting! Dr Doug Gross, Physical Therapist, Professor at University of Alberta.

Doug Gross delivered the CLPNA keynote  “Staying Well…Despite the Health Care System: An Evidence-Informed Approach for Maintaining Health”.

Referencing “The Cure for Everything” he sited the five most important keys to good health that consistently show up in research:

  •    Don’t smoke
  •    Exercise vigorously
  •    Eat real food
  •    Manage weight
  •    Prevent injury

Doug discussed how public health education can change knowledge but not behaviours, and showed some fabulous education videos from Australia that actually did change behaviour.  Listen to Dougs’ keynote   to hear about these campaigns, see his PPT to review his presentation.  Both the audio and the PPT provide some good education and inspiration.

And meanwhile, if you want to share our journeying to health check and contribute to my blog post .

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