Take a break before you break!

This morning I walked with my dear colleague Janice Robinson. Janice is a Nurse Practitioner. She is passionate about providing excellent care and passionate about furthering education regarding unique aspects of Dying with Dementia! Janice is bright, brilliant, energetic, high energy, and committed to work!

Today we walked through the fields, down to the beach, along the beach and back home – all in the morning sun.  She is on day three of a three month leave from work.  The first month she plans on playing, holidaying with her hubby, their dog Jackson, and some family.  In September she is going to take Italian lessons, cook lots, and reflect.  In October she is taking her father in law to Italy for one month.  Then she returns to work.

As we returned from the walk  I realized that there was something unique about our visit.  She has just started her leave, but she is energetic, excited, delighted, and well.  She did not wait until she was tired, broken, exhausted, and/or depressed…. before taking time off.

I have heard it said (source?) that “illness is the westerners form of meditation”.

I wonder if we sometimes forget to meditate until we need to medicate!

Way to go Janice!


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