Virtual Hospice and the Hairdresser meet

Years ago we had a bartender take one of our online courses… to be totally honest, she was also a paramedic.  But I loved the fact that she was a bar tender.

In listening to her stories I was impressed with her ability to identify grief and those who were grieving.  She was a master at introducing people who were grieving to local resources/groups that might help them in their grieving/healing process.  She was generous in taking breaks from work just at the right time to drive someone to a support group and ensure that the members would then provide needed drives.

When I listened to her stories, on more than one occasion I thought ‘We have it all wrong! We should be marketing and educating bar tenders and hairdressers!  They are the ones who know grief!”

Well today I went to the hair dresser, and what did I see?  A Virtual Hospice brochure on her table/desk!  I was thrilled!  The brochures are for caregivers.  Imagine that… some caregiver sits in her chair, and while being nurtured by this lovely hairdresser, she learns about Virtual Hospice!  Wow!

And where did she get the brochures… a few months ago she attended a workshop I taught for family members and interested members of the public.

Good news Virtual Hospice, your brochures are at the hairdressers, just where they belong!

Angela's hairdressing display includes Virtual Hospice brochures!