Care4You conference in Kingston

Last week I attended the Care4You conference in Kingston. Francois Mathieu is Canada’s lead in addressing compassion fatigue.

Seated around “my” table were men and women who respond to a variety of crises, work in correction services, a beautiful young woman who brings “camp” to kids in hospital with cancer, a woman who teaches/leads LAUGHTER YOGA (gotta love it!) and a woman who helps people heal with the use of expressive art therapies.

The opening session was titled: “Beyond Kale and Pedicures: What really works”

Francois and her lovely and capable conference planner/organizer – Lisa, organized each breakout so there were always sessions or opportunities to learn, connect or refuel – three important factors that help prevent compassion fatigue.

I enjoyed learning and experiencing. Thought a lot about the Personal Support Workers, and how difficult their job is.

I recommend the conference to others.  And wonder if we should see if we can get Francois to come to Vancouver or Victoria… anyone interested? Drop me an email.

Journaling for Self-Care

It is a wonderful thing to care for loved ones, family, and friends…

As Tia Walker says,

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”

“The Inspired Caregiver: Finding Joy While Caring for Those You Love”,


And it is a wonderful thing to be a caregiver by profession.

But caregiving is also challenging. It is just plain hard at times.

Caregiving can be hard on our health, emotional strength and resilience, and our relationships.

Journaling is one tool, one method of self care that can help the writer reflect, gain insight, get clear, solve a few problems, learn, improve, gain strength, and move forward.  It is also a good tool for curling up and hiding away on occasion.  Journaling can stimulate creativity, and help us find new paths, new ways of doing things.

There are many ways to journal, and different people have different tips on journaling.

A few tips that I find stimulate and inspire my writing and learning:

  • Take some time daily
  • Create a special place, a creative corner….
  • Put pen(cil) to the paper
  • Move your pen and write
  • Write for 20 minutes
  • Don’t worry about what you are writing
  • Don’t worry about grammar or spelling, just write
  • Consider keeping your writing private, you do not have to share it

For more information about journaling, to get some ideas, ask a journaling expert some questions, get inspired, you might like to visit CreateWriteNow website 

Warm regards,

Kath Murray

PS We have a new journal coming out in the next few weeks with some great quotes specifically on Self Care to stimulate and inspire… stay tuned!


Self Care because LIFE matters too!

Last month when our son Geordie moved home for a few months I did not expect he would have such a positive impact on our health!  Geordie introduced us to a fascinating routine… daily visits to the gym at 0630!

Like more than a few others I feared going to the gym,  I preferred fresh air and nature to sweaty gyms and machinery, opposed monthly fees, and pathetic as it sounds, I worried about what all those people would think about my feeble attempts with weights!!

Inspired by Geordie, I bought a pass and a few sessions with a personal trainer.  Then armed with a routine and some education I began my regular visits to the gym.

Imagine my surprise to find that I actually enjoy the workout!

TV on the wall with word captions below can help make the time pass quickly.

Focusing on exercise rather than trying to have a social experience, I have time to ponder, pray and meditate.

In addition I am pleased to realize that when I do the “work of exercise” at the gym then I can simply enjoy “breathing and being” when I am outdoors.

Being a social creature, and appreciating brainstorming… I would love to hear your self care strategies to keep your body strong, and ideas to help make this an ongoing successful experience. Please feel free to reply or email.  🙂