Integrating a Palliative Approach: Essentials for Personal Support Workers Coming Soon!

Illustration by Joanne Thomson for the new text, "Integrating a Palliative Approach: An Essential Resource for Personal Support Workers" Coming in November 2014

Illustration by Joanne Thomson for the new text, “Integrating a Palliative Approach: An Essential Resource for Personal Support Workers” Coming in November 2014

Well we couldn’t be more tickled that the new text, Integrating a Palliative Approach: Essentials for Personal Support Workers, and companion workbook, will be available for purchase in just a couple of weeks!

** Update: The Integrating a Palliative Approach: Essentials for Personal Support Workers text and workbook were released in January 2015

For all of you that have been SO patient, we invite to view a Digital Preview of Integrating a Palliative Approach: Essential for Personal Support Workers with excerpts from the text.

We’ve had overwhelmingly positive reviews of the new resources from well respected industry leaders and we CAN’T WAIT to share these with you!

“Long term care homes now provide “care for life”, with approximately 20% of their residents dying each year. Personal support workers are a vital part of the long term care team that provides a palliative approach to residents’ care from admission to death. Kath Murray has created an invaluable educational resource for PSWs that addresses their key learning needs for providing residents’ physical comfort and meeting the psychological and social needs of residents and their families. It is exceptionally practical and user friendly, providing practical tools, strategies and concrete examples from experts and front line workers.  There is much needed attention given to managing the emotional impact of palliative caring on the caregivers and engaging in conversations related to end-of-life issues.  In my research that created the Quality Palliative Care in Long Term Care Alliance toolkit to implement the palliative approach in long term care homes, we identified the tremendous need for a resource such as this one for PSW education.  I think it has national relevance and can be used both in pre-service and continuing education for PSWs. I strongly recommend it.”
Mary Lou Kelley, MSW, PhD
Professor, School of Social Work and Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health
Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

 “A considerable amount of thought and insight has gone into this courseware. It is superbly designed and touches on all the important areas and competencies for the target audience. Reflection and engagement are embedded in the program to make it an active and worthwhile learning experience“.
José Pereira MBChB, DA, CCFP, MSc(MEd)
Professor and Head of the Division of Palliative Care at University of Ottawa
Medical Chief of the Palliative Care programs at Bruyère Continuing Care and The Ottawa Hospital in Ottawa

“Kath has drawn from her rich experience as a palliative care nurse, educator and leader. As a passionate advocate for compassion, excellence and humanity in end-of-life care, she has taken the theory and principles of palliative care, knowledge of excellent bedside practice and a compassion for both those receiving and giving care, and merged them into this amazing resource bookI wish such a comprehensive resource had been available when I began as a palliative care counsellor. Learning about the integration of the art and science of hospice care would have answered my questions and dispelled many of the myths I brought into the work.”
Wendy Wainwright, MSW, MEd
Co-author Transitions in Dying and Bereavement, Co-editor Medical Care of the Dying


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