New Competency Profile for Licensed Practical Nurses in Alberta

I am deeeeelighted to share that the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta has launched the 2015 updated Competency Profile for Licensed Practical Nurses!

And most exciting for me is the section on Palliative Care!

Have a look at the new Competency Profile for Licensed Practical Nurses, in particular (document) pages 142- 146 for the Palliative Care Profile. I was honoured to be asked to provide input in the development of these competencies, and am thrilled with the outcome of this document. These are the most specific palliative care competencies for LPN/RPN practice that I know of.

Why are palliative care competencies for Licensed Practical Nurses important?

When I started writing our new text for Practical Nurses (to be published in 2016), I looked for any competencies for Practical Nurses. I looked at the CASN competencies for Registered Nurses. I looked at the National education standards for “Unregulated Care Providers”, the “Ontario Personal Support Workers Vocational Learning Outcomes”, the European Interprofessional Competencies… but did not have a set of competencies that focused on the role of the Practical Nurse.

It is important to have competencies to use when developing and offering education. It is helpful to have competencies to standardize education within a province and across the country. As an individual, it is helpful to have competencies to help identify areas to learn and grown.


If I have missed competencies, and if you know of other competencies for Practical Nurses, or Vocational Nurses (as they are sometimes referred to in the USA), please leave a comment below, and/or email me.

CLPNA conference – inspiring

The CLPNA (College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta) conference has just finished in Edmonton.

Speakers, sessions included:

  • Healing Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility by Kathleen Bartholomew
  • Power of Storytelling  by Sue Robin – Bird Communication
  • “Do it Well and Make it Fun” by Ron Culberson, a former hospice social worker
  • “Embrace the Leader Within” by Michelle Cederberg author of “Energy Now”

Exhibit booths included a book store from “Self Connections” (Calgary), Colleges – Northern Lakes, Norquest, Lakeland and Bow Valley Colleges, but… the real hit must have been the Princess Florence booth with fabulous purses and scarves!

Participants who made me smile included: Hugh Pederson, the President of CLPNA with his warmth, kindness and caring… (how did you ever survive as a Millright for your first career?), Marcia Kleckner from Chinook Village in Medicine Hat (thanks for the warmth and welcome!).  Teresa Bateman, fellow twitterer and connector of great people.

FAVORITE QUOTE by Madeline McVey (VPA of Northern Lake College) described NL College as serving rural and remote northern Alberta.  She defined both RURAL and REMOTE.  She said “REMOTE means no Starbucks and REMOTE means no Tim Hortons!”  LOVE IT!

PASSION visible in Linda Stanger as she closed the conference, expressed her pride in speaking about the LPNs provincially, nationally, and internationally.

REFLECTION on LPNs : Thanks so much to UTA RACH and the other incredible LPNS whose practice and teaching have made me a better RN

REFLECTION on CLPNA: CLPNA is a leader in Canada. What a great team of people working together for LPNs in Alberta!  I am so glad to write for your CARE magazine.  Thank you for that opportunity.