Award goes to Canadian Virtual Hospice

I am a fan of Canadian Virtual Hospice! They provide excellent online resources and respond individually to questions from patients, caregivers, and professionals.
Last month the website was “recognized as “exceptional” by an international panel of judges at an awards ceremony in Boston, Massachusetts. The site, received a silver award in the website category from the Health & Science Communications Association (HeSCA)…
“This is the Olympics of health care communication so obviously we are very pleased,” said Shelly Cory, Executive Director of Canadian Virtual Hospice, which is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov, Chair of Virtual Hospice said, “most gratifying is the feedback we receive every day from Canadians saying that we’ve made a real difference in their lives – that we’ve made a difficult time a little easier.” (Canadian Virtual Hospice, News Release June 14,2010, Retrieved July 27, 2010 from )

Congrats to the CVH team – they are a great group of individuals, with insight, heart, and compassion. Great to have a Canadian resource do so well on the international stage!