Symptom Management – "It's not being dead, it's the dying I fear!"

Online interprofessional engaging three week course starts November 10th.  Learning activities include video, podcasts, readings, forum postings and teleconference. Due dates help us study and discuss together, but flexibility allows for room to adapt when needed.

I am delighted that participants include: a student from Tanzania, a few PSW instructors, a nurse and at least one family caregiver.  Come and join us for this great learning experience!  Any questions feel free to submit them here, or send directly to my email address.

For more information go to:

Excellent video by Life BEFORE Death identifies the ripple effect of untreated pain!  SHort, excellent video clip! The focus is on countries where pain can not be treated due to lack of medication or national policies, but the reality of untreated pain can influence people in all countries due to lack of knowledge or resources!

Looking forward to some good learning together!


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