Shari Ulrich – new song – "Making Friends with Gone"

Last Christmas as my mother was dying, her dear friend and West Coast musician Shari Ulrich was experiencing the deaths of several friends.  Shari wrote this incredible song, “Making Friends with Gone” which she sang at my mothers memorial in January. To listen.

Making friends with Gone (Yetta) from Shari Ulrich

(Most) all the food’s been put away
A little soup left on the stove
I hear the last car leaving
Down the driveway and up the road
It’s so sweet of Jim and Joan
To make a trip so long
I guess now I’ll be making friends with gone.
The flowers they were beautiful
And everyone so kind
I thought how you’d have loved to see
so many dear friends at one time
After all the stories
and the toasts till nearly dawn
I guess now I’ll be making friends with gone
I’m so glad we had those last days
laughing and crying and the jokes you made.
Like every time you drove away
you said I love you
We called out we love you too
Just a little longer now
I don’t want to go to bed
Maybe just another walk
Down Cooper Road instead.
If anybody asks you just how I’m getting on
Tell them I’m still making friends with gone, now
Forever making friends with gone.

Thanks Shari for letting us listen to this now, before it is available for sale in January




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