Troubleshoot Accessing Online Resources

Go through this checklist to troubleshoot why you may not be able to access online resources. Each item also has a separate FAQ that provides more information. These can be access from the main FAQ

  1. Have you created an  account with Life and Death Matters? If you do not have an account, you need to create one and activate a membership to see online resources.
  2. Have you used the Membership Code to activate your account? (students only) Enter the membership code using the link to Login on the top menu
  3. If you have an account, have you logged in to the website? Use the link to Login on the top menu
  4. When you login to My Account, do you see the links to the resources? If not links are visible, you have not activated a membership.
  5. Does your account say that it expires in 1970? In this case, you haven’t activated your membership yet.
  6. Are you logged in but cannot see the resources even though you have an active membership? Ensure that your browser is set to enable cookies. Or change browsers to determine if that makes a difference.
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