How do I qualify for an Instructor’s Membership?

1. Instructor’s Memberships are a bonus service available for colleges or care facilities where learners are “using the Life and Death Matters resources.”

For our purpose, “using the Life and Death Matters resources” means the college/facility purchases a minimum of ten (10) Essential’s packages per term for students. This includes college bookstore purchases.

When students are required to purchase their own resources, Life and Death Matters reserves the right to provide Instructor memberships only after the minimum of ten (10) Essentials packages have been purchased by students.

One (1) Instructor membership is available per college, per year (PSWs) or per two years (Nurses). Additional Instructor memberships may be available by special request, and are provided at the discretion of the publisher.

Instructor memberships cannot be purchased

2. Instructor memberships are available to verified Instructors.

Because these are teaching resources, that include answer keys, we want to ensure that the Instructor resources are only provided to Instructors.

For this reason, we require verification of Instructor status for each request for Instructor memberships. You can get ahead of this by forwarding this email to your work supervisor, and asking them to email us to verify your Instructor status.

Please contact us if you have any questions.Nurse Instructor's Package

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