Therapeutic Boundaries: Phrases to Use

With Elizabeth Causton, MSW

Phrases identified in this podcast can be useful to remind you of how close you can get to a person when providing care for them. Choose the phrase that works best for you and use it to help keep therapeutic boundaries in place.



  • 0:12 Phrases in this podcast can be useful to remind caregivers, in the moment, to distinguish between getting too close to people and acknowledging that there is a boundary between caregiver and the person receiving care.
  • 0:35 What is an “intimate stranger?” Elizabeth Latimer, palliative physician.
  • 1:19 “Being like a family member is not the same as being a family member.”
  • 1:52 What is “bonded intimacy?”
  • 2:50 What is a “professional friendship?”
  • 4:40 Which phrase works for you to describe the distinction between intimacy and the kind of relationship in a helping relationship?
  • 5:22 End

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