Symptoms: Why Do We Do Mouthcare?

A roleplay between a health care worker and a nurse, learning about different types of mouth care as a way to enhance comfort in hospice palliative care.


  • 0’00” Introduction
  • 0’45” Why do we do mouthcare?
  • 1’35” Using atomizers and swabs.
  • 2’15” Liquid options for swabs.
  • 3’40” What about humidifiers?
  • 5’00” Using lemon glycerine swabs.
  • 5’50” Precautions when providing mouth care.
  • 6’20” Mouth care techniques.
  • 8’00” Other mouth care tools.
  • 9’00” How often?
  • 9’45” What about dentures?
  • 10’30” Medications that can cause dryness.

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Written and preformed by Kath Murray, Christina Foerster, All Rights Reserved, Life and Death Matters 2010