Symptoms: Using Medications to Manage Symptoms

In hospice palliative care, effectively managing symptoms is key to providing comfort for the dying.

Kath Murray teaches basic principles of pain management using medications. This podcast will help you to understand how to treat different types of pain, the importance of treating all pain, and how to keep pain under control for the patient.


  • 0’00” Start
  • 0’08” Principles for Using Medications to Manage Symptoms.
  • 0’45” More than one medication may be needed.
  • 1’20” Medications need to be given regularly and around the clock.
  • 2’08” Giving the right dose of medication.
  • 2’40” Give breakthrough doses as needed.
  • 3’00” Start with the oral route.
  • 3’38” Consider other routes as necessary .
  • 3’55” Be prepared for changes in symptoms.
  • 4’26” Respond to family concerns around medications.
  • 5’38” Examples of care giving scenarios with medications.
  • 6’36” Start with short acting medications.
  • 7’48” Families may be concerned about their loved one becoming drowsy.

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