Standard Assessment Tools: FHSAA

This podcast introduces the standard tool, the Fraser Health Symptom Assessment Acronym, and demonstrates its use in a roleplay with Bob to assess a new pain he is experiencing. This time Bob lives in a rural setting, over 2 hours from the nearest hospital.


  • 0’00” Start
  • 0’10” Introduction to the role play
  • 0’50” Which tool to use – the Fraser Health Symptom Assessment Acronym (FHSAA).
  • 2’44” The role play and using the FHSAA.
  • 6’02” Summary of the assessment, using the tool.
  • 6’50” Explaining how the SBAR will be used in the report to the supervisor.
  • 7’00” The report to the supervisor.
  • 8’58” Summary of the report and resulting changes to the careplan.
  • 10’00” Debrief on using the tool.
  • 10’55” Summary.

Enhancing comfort and managing symptoms pgs 23-32, Essentials in Hospice Palliative Care, 2nd Edition, Katherine Murray, 2009.

Study Guide for Nurses, Enhancing comfort and managing symptoms, Essentials in Hospice Palliative Care Workbook, 2009

Standard Tools in Hospice Palliative Care

Written and recorded by Kath Murray, Deb Starck, Christina Foerster. All Rights Reserved, Life and Death Matters 2010