Self-awareness, Baggage and Healthy Boundaries

With Elizabeth Causton, MSW

Developing your self-awareness by learning about your baggage and beliefs will help you to establish therapeutic boundaries when in helping relationships.


  • 0:10 Being aware of your own personal baggage will help create and maintain healthy boundaries in helping relationships.
  • 0:25 Self-awareness is essential to healthy boundaries because the most important thing you bring to work, is you.
  • 1:06 What is baggage?
  • 1:38 Story: The small black bag on the baggage carousel.
  • 2:25 Self-awareness means acknowledging your own beliefs.
  • 2:50 When you own and carry your baggage, you don’t make anyone else carry it.
  • 3:10 The clarity about your baggage that comes with self-awareness will help you to recognize and step away from the edge of someone else’s dance floor.
  • 3:50 What is objectivity?
  • 4:30 When we do not have clarity and self-awareness and are without self-reflection, we can become overly involved with the people we work with. We can lose track of whose needs are being met.
  • 4:55 Distancing and aloofness may be a way of protecting yourself from the stress of over-involvement.
  • 5:30 Our goal is to foster a conscious awareness of therapeutic boundaries and personal baggage. To work from a place of balance, to feel deeply, to speak clearly and to act wisely.
  • 6:02 End

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