Principles: Understanding the CHPCA Square of Care

Misha Butot talks passionately about how the CHPCA Square of Care guides us in a mindful process of caregiving, leaving all options explored.

You can find a copy of the Square of Care within the document A Model to Guide Hospice Palliative Care: Based on National Principles and Norms of Practice, available for free from CHPCA website.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:05 What Misha really likes about the process of providing care – it ensures a “mindful process.”
  • 1:55 “Begin with a careful assessment” What does that look like?
  • 3:05 How do we share information? Green Eggs and Ham!
  • 6:05 Providing options for the family
  • 6:25 Decision making is a negotiation process among all partners involved in care.
  • 7:15 A care plan then unfolds on its own
  • 8:40 “The square of care articulates what I am doing”
  • 9:15 Using the process of the square of care can trigger the inclusion of issues that might not usually be covered – e.g. bereavement.

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