Predeath 101- Why Prepare for Dying?

Preparing individuals and family for dying and death has the potential to reduce fear and anxiety and well as empower people. Listen to the podcast for more information.


  • 0:00 Start
  • 0:25 Why “Predeath 101” – how education can decrease anxiety
  • 1:00 Who wants the information about what dying might be like?
  • 1:30 Case story of Shirley
  • 3:13 Education will help family “anticipate, participate and will validate their experiences.”
  • 3:35 Talking about the changes will help patients and family to understand what the changes might mean.
  • 4:30 Not all individuals experience all of the changes, and certainly not in any predefined order. Identify which changes are normal and which may be treated to decrease discomfort.
  • 5:00 Ensure that there is a phone number and contact person for family to call for assistance 24/7, if they have questions or concerns, or if symptoms change.
  • 6:15 End