Hooked – How Did I Get Here?

With Elizabeth Causton, MSW

Sometimes you can end up on someone else’s family dance floor and not know how you got there. Elizabeth explains about hooks, why they are important and how to avoid being hooked.



  • 0:06 You’re aware of yourself…and then you are shocked. How did I get here?
  • 0:55 What are hooks?
  • 1:16 Hooks are unconscious.
  • 1:30 Hooks are powerful.
  • 1:45 Story: Some powerful hooks that resonate for me.
  • 3:00 Story: Hooks can also resonate with your family dance.
  • 3:50 Hooks are normal. Hooks are risk that is part of working with human beings.
  • 4:24 How to make your hooks conscious.
  • 4:43 Identify hooks by identifying patterns in what you see in your work.
  • 5:10 Story: What would honest self-reflection that identified hooks look like?
  • 6:00 Beginning of therapeutic boundaries is working with clarity and awareness of who we are, our baggage, our family dance and so on.
  • 7:41 End.

All Rights Reserved. Life and Death Matters, 2015