Grief and Loss: Death is a Series of Losses

As hospice palliative caregivers, we need to understand that death is a series of losses, experienced by family and caregivers. This podcast explains strategies for helping families to acknowledge the losses in ways that are meaningful to them.


  • 0’00” Start
  • 0’52” First loss is the loss of the future, their safety and stability in their world.
  • 1’46” Loss of energy and abilities and their physical image.
  • 3’50” Acknowledge the losses.
  • 5’00” The losses are subjective.
  • 9’59” Our role is to allow people to speak about and to acknowledge the losses.
  • 10’40” Our role as healers is to see, hear and validate their experiences.

Written and recorded by Elizabeth Causton, All Rights Reserved. Life and Death Matters 2010.