Grief and Bereavement: What is Normal Grief

A podcast interview with renowned grief psychologist Jeanette Ambrose, moderated by Jennifer Wortham, providing defining terms for “normal grief”

Jeannette Ambrose, (B.A. Hon., M.Ed.) Registered Psychologist

Jeannette has developed and facilitated workshops and training programs in trauma, traumatic loss and suicide across Canada and beyond. She recently returned from doing training and clinical supervision for a child and youth mental health clinic sealing with “Troubles”-related trauma in Northern Ireland. She is currently working in a child and youth mental health clinic, and in private practice specializing in trauma. She is a past president of Canadian Traumatic Stress Network, and has served as a director for Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention.

Jeannette Ambrose is a Registered Psychologist and Family Therapist who has worked extensively in the area of trauma and loss, during the past 20 years. She has completed Foundation and Advanced Certification in Self-Regulation Therapy, additional courses in the Psychobiology of Attachment and Relationships, The Psychobiology of Pain, and Integrating SRT into Clinical Practice. She has also completed the intensive course in Psychological Anatomy, a new model for understanding the physical, emotional and relational influences in attachment and child development. She has also been an assistant trainer in SRT.