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Boost your students’ learning with these podcasts on the principles and practices of hospice palliative care. Open access to our extensive podcast library means students can listen and learn at school, at home or when they travel – as many times as they want! Podcasts include:

· informal role plays · warm and informative interviews with current leaders in hospice palliative care · teachings from Kath Murray and her collaborative cast of care providers Some of the concepts students learn from the podcasts are:

· how to develop self-awareness and therapeutic boundaries · how personal support workers can use the tools of recording and reporting in hospice palliative care · ways of communicating with the dying and family · strategies for providing comfort for common symptoms of dying · skills for taking care of themselves

How to download podcasts to your computer:

LADM-download You will see a podcast player that looks just like the one above. In order to download the podcast to your computer click on the download icon/button highlighted in the image above by the rectangle. The podcast will then automatically start to download.

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