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Palliative Care Instructor’s Guides

 Your roadmap for successful teaching of hospice palliative care.

Click the button below to download the Instructors Guide for Integrating a Palliative Approach: Essentials for Personal Support Workers (CANADA)

An Instructor’s Guide tailored for teaching Personal Support Workers (and HCAs, RCAs, and so on across Canada), the skills and strategies for integrating a palliative approach in caregiving.

Unique to this edition: Each chapter identifies the the Canadian Education Standards for Personal Care Providers and the Ontario Personal Support Worker Program Standard: Vocational Learning Outcomes  met when using the resources according to the Lesson Plan.

The Instructor’s Guide is tailored for teaching the NACC Personal Support Worker Program of Canada

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Click the button below to download the Instructors Guide for Essentials in Hospice and Palliative Care: A Resource for Nursing Assistants (USA)

This Instructor’s Guide was developed to specifically address the learning needs of Nursing Assistants (and their associated caregivers in the US) by teaching the essential skills and strategies for providing hospice and palliative care.

Unique to this edition: Students will meet the Learning Outcomes identified for each chapter, when instructors use the resources as indicated in the Lesson Plan.

To purchase a printed copy of the Instructor’s Guide, click here

These Instructor’s Guides provide a roadmap for teaching front line caregivers, using the new resources:

The Instructor’s Guides identify companion resources to use for each chapter and provides ready to use strategies for teaching each section. The Instructor’s Guides include:

  • Learning Outcomes- standards presented in student friendly language, that instructors can use when teaching and share with students, to enhance learning.
  • Materials and supplies – needed for activities identified in the Lesson Plan
  • Suggested class preparation – for Instructors and students, using text, workbook and podcasts
  • Lesson Plans – referencing pages numbers for the text and question numbers for the workbook, for each concept
  • PowerPoint™ titlespodcast and video titles, and optimal times to use these companion resources when teaching hospice palliative care for personal support workers
  • In class group activities and discussion ideas for small and large groups

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