Preparing kids for life, not protecting them from death…. Understand more about Kids and Grief

Many years ago I set out to learn more about supporting kids and youth experiencing loss and grief.  I wanted to know more about preparing them to experience life in a healthy way, rather than trying to give a false sense of security by pretending that life is always safe.

In my journeys I studied with Linda Goldman at Johns Hopkins University outside Washington DC.   A few months after studying with Linda I went to Hood College in Maryland to study Thanatology.  It was there that I met Andrea Warnick.    Andrea, a HPC nurse and thanatologist has worked for the last many years as a children’s grief counselor at Mount Sinai Hospital. Before that she worked as a pediatric oncology and palliative care nurse at several hospitals in Canada and abroad.

In response to the great need for counselling and education support for kids and families, Andrea is now launching her own consulting, (counseling and education) business in Toronto.

Andrea’s specialty is in providing education on palliative care, death and grief, with an emphasis on supporting kids and youth who are grieving such life events, and in providing grief counselling for kids, youth, families.  If you are interested in knowing more about her workshops or seminars for parents and caregivers visit her website or email her.

Thanks Linda and Andrea for the services you provide to help us help kids!




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