Digital Preview of Nurse’s Text

The Text  – The Core of the Nurse’s Educational Resources

The nurse’s text, Essentials in Hospice and Palliative Care: A Practical Resource for Every Nurse is the core component of the hospice and palliative care learning resources for nurses. Based on nursing standards and national competencies, and written in a clear voice, the text provides nurses with a solid foundation in strategies to care for the dying person and family.

Easy-to-Read and Visually Appealing

Browse through this digital preview to see for yourself how inviting this textbook is. Read samples from the pages provided to experience the easy writing style, and see the visually appealing layout and illustrations. Take a look at the Table of Contents – the chapter titles literally lead students on a journey to learn the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed when providing hospice and palliative care.

Personalizable Learning Experiences

With the Essential’s Package for Nurses students can personalize their learning experiences by selecting podcasts and videos that meet their learning needs, and using them when they want t0! Students can further personalize their learning experience by accessing the digital text and workbook using their mobile devices, tablet, laptop  or desktop computers. They are never too far from the core resource for learning about hospice and palliative care.

Providing Nurse’s with a Blended Learning Experience

Colleges and instructors can provide a blended learning experience for students using the digital text, workbook, podcasts and videos. The nurse’s text and companion resources ensure a flexible learning experience for students. Case studies, ethics touchstones and care stories in the text and the Learning Activities/Workbook are opportunities for students to engage in communicating, assessing, and using their new strategies for supporting the dying person and family.


Ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations are localizable to the teaching location and learning needs of the students. The teaching presentations are easily modified to meet the learning needs of practical nursing students, BSN students, and for continuing education and in-service training for nurses in the workplace.

The nurse’s text, combined with the digital learning resources and the workbook provide a comprehensive learning experience for nurses learning the essentials of providing care for the dying person and family.