Norway Tragedy – reflections

I am not sure where I was when the tragedy occurred in Norway on June 22nd, but I know where I was when I heard about it.

Moments etched in my mind – Moments and hours in the dark of the night –

a sense of unreality that fellow human beings have the ability to be so cruel and to cause such pain.

sharing the sorrow of individuals, families, friends and communities.

pondering the mothers and fathers of the dead and injured.

pondering the trauma of those who survived.

knowing that there is a mother out there somewhere anguishing… asking HOW and WHEN and WHY her son would or could do such evil.

thinking of the police and rescue team members.

thinking of those who planned and led this camp where youth met to consider a better world.

and thinking of adventures, hikes, conferences, and experiences with our kids, and with our community of kids…

a moment of silence to share globally such sorrow.

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