Life Matters Too…. Summer is the pay off for all the hard work the rest of the year!

When the kids were young, we would go to the beach just near our house, on a regular basis after school  As  the kids played in the sand, with the logs and with whoever else was on the beach, I would consider that “Summer is the payoff for the hard work the rest of the year”.  Is there anything better than sun and sand and sea water?

This summer I have not been called to the beach in the same way.  But I did arrange to work on the International Edition of “Essentials in Hospice Palliative Care” with my dear colleague Leslie Sundby.  We met on Gabriola Island, and had two days to work on the revisions.  Luckily for us, the sun did not shine until an hour before Leslie needed to catch the ferry back to Nanaimo.  We basked for the last hour, so grateful for the warmth and joy that comes from the sunshine!

Attached is a photo of the rocks and water where we worked.  We did manage to swim twice while there, which was chilly but invigorating!

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