"It Takes a Village" – What are your favorite resources?

I look forward to meeting with family caregivers on Saturday at the “CARE4U 2012” Manitoba Alzheimer Society Conference.

My first presentation “It takes a village” will focus on the benefits of integrating a supportive palliative approach in caring for people with dementia.  We will develop a list of resources that caregivers will want to consider as they build their village.

One of the resources I will share is “Lotsahelpinghands.com” –

Lotsa Helping Hands “is a free service that brings together caregivers and volunteers through online Communities that help organize daily life during times of medical crisis or caregiver exhaustion. Caregivers benefit from the gifts of much needed help, emotional support, and peace of mind, while volunteers find meaning in giving back to those in need.”

What are your favorite resources? Please share!

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