Pet Hospice …. What education is available?

Do you know of a hospice for pets?

I received an email the other day asking if I knew of education for people providing hospice care for pets. What an incredible question!

I know resources exist for pet loss, pet bereavement, pet therapy… but I have not heard of courses/programs addressing hospice for animals. Is there a pet hospice in your community?

Does anyone have any resources? Any ideas?

And would the person sending that request, please email me again! Thanks!  I have tried repeatedly to find your email!


An Update:

There are a few resources emerging for helping people with pets who are chronically ill. This website, The Pet Hospice Journal, helps people to use journaling and standard tools to evaluate their pet’s  quality of life. The hope is to make the decision making around pet euthanasia more objective for the people.

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