Home palliative care doubles home deaths….

Through meta-analysis, a Cochrane review found that receiving home palliative care doubles the odds of dying at home and that people have less symptom burden.

Cochrane reviews are “recognised as providing the highest standard in evidence-based health care”.

Receiving in home care, personal care, support for medications, interprofessional team approach, not only supports the dying person but also supports the caregivers.  In many communities  Health Care Workers (also known as Personal Support Workers or Health Care Assistants) are a vital member of the team, providing personal care, respite care, and overnight care for the dying. ANd when caregivers can call someone 24/7, when they know who to call, and when to call, many hospital admissions can be prevented.

With the attempt to decrease cost of health care, and increase home deaths, it is surprising to hear of communities cutting the community palliative care programs.   This review provides evidence to policy makers to start, sustain and not cut home palliative care programs.




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