Educators, on creating a place for sharing….

In the “Essentials in Hospice Palliative Care” resources we outline many learning activities that require students to participate and share their experiences, beliefs, challenges, and fears about topics related to death, dying, loss and grief.

In the program evaluation interviews we invited instructors to share their experiences with the ‘Essentials in Hospice Palliative Care’ resources.  Anna-Lise Kear offered her ideas on how to create a place where students are willing to risk and willing to share their experiences.

I think that a place that is safe to share is a place where:

  • Confidentiality is honoured
  • Students value learning from one another
  • Students are invited and encouraged to speak openly
  • There is no competition
  • Student understand that they do not have to participate verbally in order to participate in the class
  • Comments are respected
  • Listening to narratives helps students understand the preciousness of relationships.

As instructors we need to know a lot about the students. We need to watch students faces and see how they are receiving information as it is shared.

These are simple tips, but so valuable in making education come alive.   When students share, we realize that teaching and learning are one.  We all teach, and we all learn.

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