Dr. Thomas Hadjistavropoulos and the PACSLAC!

Louis Armstrongs singing “What a wonderful world” is truly one of my “favorite things”.
Attending a conference and hearing about good tools, validated by good research, and presented in a manner that makes me want to go home and integrate the work in my practice is another one of my “favorite things”.

At the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba annual conference this week I was privileged to hear Dr. Thomas Hadjistavropoulos from the University of Regina Department of Psychology and Centre on Aging and Health speak about pain assessment in the elderly. He presented a pain assessment tool called the Pain Assessment Checklist for Seniors with Limited Ability to Communicate (PACSLAC). You can access the tool at: http://www.rgpc.ca/best/PAIN%20Best%20Practices%20-%20ML%20Vanderhorst%20%28June%2007%29/PACSLAC.pdf
If you want to use the tool, you simply write Dr. Thomas at the email provided for permission and guidelines.


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