Common Emotions Associated with Loss

Elizabeth Causton, MSW, discusses common emotions that people express when experiencing losses associated with dying and a loved one’s death. Using stories and anecdotes she describes the emotions, helping caregivers to better understand and provide wholistic hospice and palliative care for the dying person and family. This podcast will help develop your ability to be aware of and understand the emotions that others are experiencing.

When we have more awareness about what is natural and normal in the grieving process, it allows us to work with less judgement and more compassion.

E Causton


  • 0’00” Start
  • 0’27” Common emotions related to experiencing losses
  • 1’24” The effects of losing “a part of your identity.”
  • 3’10” Story: The loss of bowling – the loss usually involves more than what is visible – what does the loss “mean” to the person?
  • 4’15” Emotions – feeling anger.
  • 5’25” Emotions – feeling fear.
  • 6’50” Emotions – feeling denial.
  • 7’22” The tidal wave analogy of experiencing emotions.
  • 9.25″ How to approach the floodgates.
  • 11’21” Summary

Written and recorded by Elizabeth Causton

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