Once upon a time, there were competencies

Once upon a time, competencies were developed for health care providers in palliative and end of life care. There were competencies written for nurses, health care workers (nursing assistants, personal support workers, hospice aides), physicians and social workers, and others. There were competencies developed in many lands, in Ireland and the United States, in Nova Scotia and Alberta, in Ottawa and Vancouver, to name just a few. After creation, competencies struggled to be heard and adopted and too often were not used to inform curriculum or education development.Full Post:   Read More

Canadian Association of Practical Nurse Educators – Conference

What was news at CAPNE Conference?

We returned Wednesday from PEI where we attended the conference for the Canadian Association of Practical Nurse Educators (CAPNE). We saw the Anne of Green Gables Musical which was superb, and walked the streets and paths of Charlottetown.

Eighty CAPNE educators from across Canada came together to discuss education, and to enhance their abilities to provide excellent education for the students in the Practical Nursing programs.

The role of the LPN has changed, the scope has expanded! The colleges are tasked with helping students develop skills, behaviours and knowledge that once was covered in two and three year RN programs.Full Post:   Read More