When professional becomes personal… I am a family caregiver

I am a person, wife, mother, daughter and friend.  I am a hospice palliative care nurse and educator.  I am owner and director of Life and Death Matters.  My mother has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, with a prognosis of months. Once again I am a family caregiver.

At Life and Death Matters we create resources to help educators teach hospice palliative care principles and philosophy in core curriculum for Practical Nurse and Health Care Worker students. Our goal is to enhance the ability of the caregivers to provide excellent care for the dying. Our education strategies include blogging, tweeting, and facebook postings.Full Post:   Read More

Educators Corner: A Musical Potluck to Discuss Loss and Grief

Many Health Care students across Canada have immigrated to Canada, leaving behind their country, community, career, kids and families. The opportunity to reflect on these multiple losses in a safe environment can facilitate greater understanding of loss, grief and stimulate discussion on ways to best support one another when grieving.

Purpose of the Musical Potluck: to stimulate discussion of cultural losses, and open the door to discussing loss and grief while sharing traditional music and food.

Directions: Full Post:   Read More

Best of both worlds: A Palliative Approach in Dementia Care

Janice Robinson from the Broadmead Lodge and I just finished addressing this topic in a webinar for Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias are by their diagnosis terminal illnesses.  Over the past few years dementia care and hospice palliative care have turned their lens to quality care for people with late stage dementia.  Integrating a palliative approach in dementia care can make the world of difference to the experience of those living with dementia and their caregivers.Full Post:   Read More