We remember…

As Remembrance Day approaches, I reflect, in particular, on those who fought in wars to provide us with the freedoms we enjoy today. Ann-Marie, Ted and I cherish those in our families who participated in WW I and II. We are grateful that they returned home, and because they came home, that we have life. […]

Leave the NCLEX questions for another day…

This morning I woke early, thinking about a question posted on the HPNA Educators Special Interest Forum. A palliative care nurse had been asked to give a short presentation on palliative care to second semester nursing students. The palliative care nurse outlined an engaging education session and then asked about writing or accessing NCLEX style […]

Don’t go whistling past the digital graveyard!

Written by Angela Bruce, RN Thanks to Kaylee for directing us to a blog post that reminds us how important it is to get our digital house in order.  On August 10, 2019 she provided the link to this comprehensive guide containing current advice and instructions on how to plan for your digital legacy and […]

What are PSWs saying about the text, Integrating a Palliative Approach?

Life and Death Matters reached out to a few colleges and hospices using the text, Integrating a Palliative Approach: Essentials for Personal Support Workers, and companion resources in their teaching  and asked permission to survey students about their learning experiences in hospice and palliative care. An online survey was distributed to individuals who used the […]

Today is Advance Care Planning Day and Why it Matters

When someone says, “It was a good death” they may mean that from their personal perspective it was a good death. However, a death is only a “good death” if the person who is/was dying is honoured and their needs, preferences and goals are considered as life circumstances change, disease progresses and care plans are […]

My three “must-have” professional association memberships…What are yours?

Memberships in professional associations have helped me to develop as a professional, and a hospice and palliative care provider. Through membership I have experienced opportunities for learning, providing feedback to the community and connecting with colleagues across the continent. These are my three “must-have”  memberships. I also invite you to comment here on the Blog […]

More Moments in Time: a Free Ebook!

Several years ago I found a book titled, More Moments in Time: Images of Exemplary Nursing. The book is by Beth Perry, a nurse from Alberta. The book is based on a study of the beliefs, actions, and interactions of a group of extraordinary palliative care nurses. Full of stories, poetry and wisdom, this book […]

Remembering Strategies for Safe Opioid Use

Managing pain and dyspnea for people with life limiting illnesses requires safe opioid use. Dyspnea is one of the most common symptom experienced by people with COVID-19, so this is a good time to review safe strategies for using opioids. Opioid misuse can be minimized by using risk assessment tools, contracts for opioid use, and […]