Creating the Story of Your Life

Sue Kemple, the CEO of startup My Last Soundtrack, has lots of reasons why she does the work she does. She’s a serial entrepreneur, a creative thinker, a prolific writer, a garage band musician, and a human being who has been through more instances of loss, grief and death than she can count.

But one of her driving reasons for doing this work is that she strongly believes in the power of story. In fact, she has a story to illustrate this point.

“Towards the end of her life, my grandmother used to come from her home in New Jersey to visit my family in North Carolina,” Kemple begins. “I used to joke that I was the one who drew the short straw every time I had to take her back to the airport for her flight home.”Full Post:   Read More

Managing Pain 8 | Nonpharmacological Comfort Measures

Managing Pain 8 | Non-pharmacological Comfort Measures

In addition to using medications and treatments for managing pain, non-pharmacological comfort measures can be implemented to help increase comfort. In this video, Kath Murray explains how comfort measures can be integrated into hospice and palliative care, to enhance comfort and increase quality of life.

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