Advance Care Planning – less about tubes and more about talk

Have you seen the cartoon of a couple watching TV and talking about “life supports”. The man says “If I am ever dependent on a machine I want it to be unplugged”. At which point the woman gets up and unplugs the TV!

When people discuss living wills and preferences at end of life, the conversation seems to quickly move to discussing life supporting technology. It seems to me that these discussions are less about tubes and technology, and more about talking and exploration.

This morning the newsletter from the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association announced:

“On April 12th, 2011 CHPCA will launch the National Advance Care Planning Day, a day for Canadians to reflect on decisions made at the end of life.

The Speak Up – Start the conversation about end-of-life care campaign will seek to encourage Canadians to have conversations about planning for end of life care by providing access to shared tools and terminology for Canadians, making it easier for them to share their preferences with family, friends and health professionals, no matter where they live. Watch for more information (”Speak Up

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